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In Case You Missed It: B1A4`s Jinyoung Wrote a Heartbreaking Goodbye Letter for Fans


/  9 Jul, 2018

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Jinyoung left fans with a goodbye letter for fans. 

Through his Instagram, Jinyoung left a lengthy message, thanking fans for all the love and supports they have been giving for him as a B1A4 member for the last 7 years. His message is translated such as follows.

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"Hello. This is B1A4's Jinyoung.

Thank you, BANA, who have shown your concerns for me and continued supporting me. Every day for the last seven days, I have read each and every one of your messages while I was deep in thought. How can I express all my thanks in only a few sentences, to all the BANA who have protected B1A4 during the last seven years? 

I don't think B1A4 belong to anyone else. B1A4 only belongs to BANA who have supported and cheered us on for the last seven years. B1A4 existed because you existed. We were able to sing because of you all. 

Above all, I would like to say these words. If BANA will continue to love B1A4 and not forget us, then B1A4 will return with a much cooler song and appearance, whether it takes a few months or a few years. When I read BANA's messages that you would be happy even with false hope, my heart ached so much. I hope 'false hope' does not become 'false', and that it only remains as 'hope', which you can hold onto for a better tomorrow. I, Jinyoung, will truly try my best. No matter where I stand, I will be with you BANA with more amazing songs. 

I will never forget the love of BANA. I love you. Thank you. #b1a4 #bana"

We wish Jinyoung all the very best for his career.

Source: [Youtube] 1theK (원더케이)

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