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Including Taeyang`s Recent Wedding, Seungri Shared How Many Weddings has He Sang For


|  5 Feb, 2018

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Seungri isn't titled as YG's 'Nuptial Song Machine' for nothing.

In his recent appearance on 'Ask Us Anything,' with fellow junior group iKON, Seungri got the cast members to guess the request Taeyang asked of him for the latter's wedding. Taeyang wanted to see his younger brother(Seungri), singing his best for his special day as Seungri explained how, as a member of a group, he only has limited lines to sing. 

The BIGBANG maknae added, "The song was 'Strong Baby.' I am the singer in YG that sings the most nuptial song. I sang the nuptial song for all of our BIGBANG managers! I sang at weddings for staffs from YG's management, accounting, legal and HR teams too!" 

Image Source: Youtube 'JTBC EntertainmentScreenshot 

That's a whole long list of weddings he got there. Watch the moment in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] JTBC Entertainment

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