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Indonesian Idol Trainee Went Viral for Her Strong Resemblance to TWICE`s Momo


|  4 Oct, 2018

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She went viral in no time after Netizens found her resemblance to TWICE's Momo. 

The girl is Mutiara Azzahra Umandara from Bekasi, Indonesia. The 14-year-old girl is one of the members of JKT48 Academy Class B. She made her first public appearance on September 29th in Jakarta through 'Handshake Festival' event. According to IDN Times, Mutiara is also a fan of TWICE and she has once covered 'Dance the Night Away.' You can check several of Mutiara's photos from the event below. 

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Do you find their resemblance? 

Source: [Youtube] 黃偉平Fujiwara

Thumbnail Credit: fn star, Fujiwara黃偉平

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