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Interactions Between Wanna One`s Minhyun, LOㅅEs and NU`EST W Members at [27th SMA] will Make Your Heart Flutter


| 26 Jan, 2018

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LOㅅEs were more than glad to see Minhyun and was he happy to see his brothers. 

Currently belonging to Wanna One, Minhyun was shown on screen when NU'EST W members went up stage to receive their award at the recent 'Seoul Music Awards.' The crowd went wild with their screams seeing Minhyun smiling proudly for the 4 members. 

Image Source: Youtube 'ShuaShua' Screenshot

Of course that wasn't all. When all artist gathered on stage, Minhyun could be seen moving towards the back when JR walked out which was soon followed after by Ren. He gave the members a warm hug before proceeding on to Aron who came out later.

Image Source: Youtube 'supershinstudio' Screenshot

Watch the moments at the 1:27 mark in the first video and the start of the second video above!

Source: [Youtube] ShuaShua, supershinstudio 

Thumbnail Credit: KTC, Forever Yours

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