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Interviewer Brought up GOT7`s Bambam`s Birthday Even Though It has Past... The List of Birthdays Just Got Longer


/ 2 Jun, 2018

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Jackson decided that the other 6 might as well join in too.

GOT7 had an interview with local Thai media when the interviewer mentioned that it was Bambam’s birthday not long ago. 

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The interviewer asked Bambam how did the members wished him on his birthday when Jinyoung asked “You will bring it up even when it has already past?” Immediately, Jackson went “Actually just before Bambam’s birthday, it’s my birthday.” Bambam told the interviewer that Jackson wants his birthday to be taken care of too. 

Image Source: Youtube '뽐하늘 BBOMSKY' Screenshot

Jackson continued with his list as he went, “Even before that, it was Jaebeom(JB) hyung’s birthday. Then a little before Yugyeom’s birthday were Youngjae, Jinyoung and Mark’s birthday. Then, it’s Bambam’s birthday again in May.” 

Watch the moment in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] 뽐하늘 BBOMSKY

Thumbnail Credit: Puppy Rabbit

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