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JR Promoted NU`EST`s New Album at a Subway... He Ended up Helping a Grandmother


| 18 Jun, 2018

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NU'EST's JR has once again got fans' heart weak with his kindness.

On June 16th, the leader was spotted at Hapjeong subway station in Seoul, to personally promote NU'EST W's upcoming album, 'WHO, YOU.' While he supposedly only introduce the album release to passersby, he ended up helping a grandmother who had difficulties in operating an ATM. 

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Image Source: Twitter '@serendipitiousjh'

It was all happened when JR incidentally saw the grandmother having difficulties operating the machine. He then voluntarily approached her and patiently gave instruction to operate the machine. Needless to say, Netizens have showered him with praises for his humble and kind heart to help a senior citizen despite his packed schedule. 

Image Source: Facebook '아이돌 이슈'

Check out the fancam above to know more! 

Source: [Youtube] The Lovers

Thumbnail Credit: Twitter '@bugi_tonight_jr, @serendipitiousjh

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