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JYJ`s Jaejoong Shared Honest Thoughts about His Love Life in His 30s


| 25 May, 2018

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The singer is 32 years old now and he addressed the issues on him getting married soon. 

During a recent interview, Jaejoong revealed more about his love status. He started, "My current priority is not about love. I have difficulties with my love life in my 30s." He explained, "It's okay for younger people to say age-gap is not an important thing in love and date someone 10 or 20 years older than them. However, if I said so, people would think that it's an excuse."

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Even though he said that he does not care much about his current love life, Jaejoong did not refuse to reveal his ideal type. He said, "If I have to mention it, I like a woman who has soft heart. This is the most important thing. I don't like an egoistic woman, who wants to be the center of attention." He added, "I like women with healthy looks, rather than too-skinny type."

Source: [Youtube] JB ‘s

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