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JYJ`s Yoochun Shed Tears as He Performed in front of Fans for the First Time Since Military Service


|  5 Jun, 2018

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Park Yoochun cried at his fan meeting. 

On June 4th, the idol held his birthday fan meeting at YES24 Live Hall. It's the first time for Park Yoochun to greet his fans in person after being discharged from the military last year in August. 

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In the introduction video, Park Yoochun said, "It's because of you all that during hard times, I was able to bear through it and smile. You've been worried, right? I'm sorry. I don't know how to express my gratitude." 

Image Source: Youtube '정재김코코' Screenshot

While performing TVXQ's 'Fox Rain,' he could not help but burst into tears. He shed tears multiple times on the stage as he got emotional. You can watch the fancam above to find out more.

Source: [Youtube] 정재김코코 

Thumbnail Credit: Twitter '@Bubble_LYH,' Youtube '정재김코코' Screenshot

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