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Japanese Comedian Make a Joke about Nudity to This Boy Group... Fans are NOT Happy


| 17 Apr, 2018

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What the comedian did in front of the idols indeed shocks fans.

During 'KCON 2018 Japan,' boy group BLK came as one of the performers. While meeting their fans, comedian Yasudebu (also known as Tonikaku Akarui Yasumura), was also spotted lining up to say hi to the boys. Yasudebu is a famous Japanese comedian, who is well-known for his mostly naked poses (he is not really naked, though). He is part of Japanese comedians who get laughs through taking their clothes off.

Image Source: Facebook 'PLEDIS SEVENTEEN' Screenshot

Although the purpose of the act is solely an entertainment, fans are not happy with the comedian, as they claim that he has gone too far with the nudity jokes. The boys were just laughing at the comedian but many said that it's clear that BLK members were all uncomfortable with what the comedian did in front of him.

What are your thoughts on this, people?

Source: [Youtube] yamayuto1993

Thumbnail Credit: CHOCOLATIER, Facebook 'PLEDIS SEVENTEEN' Screenshot

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