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Jeon Somi Reportedly to Have Joined Teddy`s [The Black Label] under YG and Fans aren`t Really Happy About It


| 23 Sep, 2018

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Fans aren't at all happy about the possible fact of Somi joining YG.

Reported on September 23rd, former IOI member who has just recently left JYP Entertaiment, Jeon Somi has held hands with YG Entertainment, going under Teddy's 'The Black Label.' Among the reactions given by fans who heard of this, the majority are in disbelief and aren't really happy about the news.

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YG is known for having comebacks after a long serious drought for groups under their sleeves, therefore, fans are worrying that they would have to wait longer than needed to see Somi on stage again. 

Image Source: J Cast 

On top of that, with the company revealed to have plans for survival shows in the near future, fans are foreseeing Somi on these show to compete for her debut, again after Produce 101. Fans who aren't taking in this news that well, left comments like, "Somi... Why did you do that..." "Run away..." "Why must it be YG..." "If she falls into YG's bag again..." and more.

What are your thoughts on this? 

Source: [Youtube] M2

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