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Jessica Jung Shared Her Phone Background Image and Fans Can`t Help But to Melt at the Thought of It`s Possible Relations


| 25 Nov, 2018

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Not a fact but fans can dream too.

Jessica Jung recently did an interview with ‘SCMP Style’ where the interview was done in a way that Jessica would just answer questions casually as if it’s a chit-chat with a friend. From small details of her daily life to her career in the music industry and the fashion industry, Jessica did not hold any of her respond back. 

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It could be something fans would be curious of so the interview had a question that asked Jessica of her current phone background image. Jessica shared that “I don’t have my mobile phone with me right now but it’s just a pink screen with little hearts. I am always on my phone and I just wanted a bright colored screen. I don’t want anything dark. Just to make my mood into a happier mood.” 

Image Source: Youtube ‘SCMP Style’ Screenshot 

It could be a common color for girls to like but Jessica has just mentioned in this interview that purple was the color she was into recently and the color pink itself signifies something that fans hold dearly to their heart. That is, Girls’ Generation’s official color. It may totally be not related to the reason why she chose the color pink but fans just can’t help but to see a relation. 

Watch more from her interview in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] SCMP Style

Thumbnail Credit: Youtube ‘SCMP Style’ Screenshot, KAYW

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