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Jessica`s Bodyguard`s Considerate Move Wowed Fans


| 26 Aug, 2017

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This bodyguard deserved a praise for his considerate move. 

Jessica held her mini concert, 'Jessica Jung On Cloud Nine' in Tokyo on August 24th. During her farewell greeting after the event, she was followed by a bodyguard that was there to make sure her safety. And on top of that, he protected her from unnecessary exposure too. 

Jessica was wearing a short skirt that could have exposed her if anyone would have stood directly below her. What this bodyguard did was, he took off his blazer and helped to cover up Jessica the moment she goes back up the staircase. This has received many 'Wow's from the fans who have witnessed this action.

Image Source: Youtube 'Y-F E-N' Screenshot

Check out the moment at the 1:44 mark in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] Y-F E-N

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