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Jessica was Asked Why She Couldn`t Make TV Appearances, She Still Can`t Answered It


/ 13 Nov, 2017

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Jessica has made a surprise by appearing on TV in 3 years. 

The ex Girls' Generation member made a short appearance on the the November 12th airing of JTBC's ongoing survival program, 'Mix Nine.' Jessica met Yang Hyunsuk, BIGBANG's Seungri, and Noh Hongchul, who visited Coridel Entertainment, Jessica's current management. 

It was Jessical's first appearance on TV show in three years, since she has been out from Girls' Generation and SM Entertainment. When asked about her recent activities, Jessica said, "I have released solo albums, and I’ve also been running a fashion brand."

Image Source: Youtube 'HappyFace's Manager' Screenshot

BIGBANG's Seungri then expressed his curiosity on why Jessica wasn't on television. Seungri even convinced the singer to honestly say the truth, and there would be no problem about that, since the program was aired on JTBC (JTBC is a TV cable channel, and it airs independently from the big three broadcast stations). However, Jessica just smiled and was unable to answer the question. Instead, she replied lightly, "I think I could do well." 

Anyway, it's good to see Jessica on TV show again, right?

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Source: [Youtube] HappyFace's Manager

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