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Ji Changwook Updated Fans with His Recent Selfie, Saying Another Goodbye as He Had to Go Back to Army


|  7 Dec, 2017

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Ji Changwook bid another goodbye to his fans as he went back to the camp.

On December 6th, the actor took to his Instagram and uploaded a selfie he took while wearing his military uniform. In the caption, he wrote, "Now it's time to go back." Needless to say, the actor looks just handsome as he always is -- with his fair skin and strong face structure.

It turned out that Ji Changwook went back from his break. Ji Changwook enlisted to the military back in August this year and he is currently doing his mandatory military service for the country. Good luck for you, Ji Changwook!

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Source: [Youtube] stardailynews & [Instagram] jichangwook

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