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Joo Jihoon is Bursting Other Fans` Heart Every Time He Takes a Selfie with a Fan and Here`s How He Does It


| 12 Oct, 2018

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Joo Jihoon knows how to capture fans' heart. 

With him attending various events, countless just for his movies that were being released only this year, it's easy to notice the common gesture and fan service he usually does. Among those, was one gesture that would make any fan who wasn't the lucky one to have a burst of their heart. It's the way he takes selfies with fans. 

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Whether it was a movie premiere or a red carpet event, or a stage greeting during the first week of the movie release, Joo Jihoon will take selfies with the lucky ones like how a couple would take theirs. Having his face really close with the fans, he would smile so sweetly for the camera just for the selfie. 

Image Source: insight 

Source: [Youtube] KOREA Dispatch

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