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Jun Jihyun Got a New Pictorial, You Know She doesn`t Age Even a Bit


| 12 Sep, 2018

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Jun Jihyun did a new pictorial and she looks just pleasantly amazing. 

The actress has recently completed a pictorial for jewelry brand 'STONEHENgE's new collection, 'La Stella.' The pictorial is themed 'Another Me that I Want.' In the photos, Jun Jihyun shows her bright and elegant side, posing with the diamonds. She also modeled the 'Honeymoon' collection ideal for a bride. 

Jun Jihyun will turn 37 this October 30th but no one can say that she looks like a woman who is about to welcome her 40s. Jun Jihyun is also a mom of two children. 

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Image Source: STONEHENgE

Source: [Youtube] stonehengekorea

Thumbnail Credit: SBS, STONEHENgE

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