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Jun.K Apologizes for Drunk Driving, to Be on Hiatus


| 14 Feb, 2018

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2PM's Jun.K will take a hiatus following his driving under the influence (DUI).

On February 13th, JYP Entertainment revealed that Jun.K had been caught driving under the influence of alcohol. The idol was found to have an alcohol blood level of 0.074%. According to reports, Jun.K personally confessed to police and his manager arrived to drive away his vehicle.

JYP announced, "We sincerely apologize for our artist Kim Minjun (Jun.K) driving under the influence of alcohol. He himself is deeply reflecting on his actions, and from now on, he'll be ceasing all promotions. The company has paid for a designated full-time substitute driver for all artists since 2014 as well as regular education against drunk driving. However, an incident like this has occurred, and we'll be taking responsibility as well as considering more effective preventative measures. We apologize once again."

Jun.K has also updated fans with an apology statement through 2PM's official fan cafe. He wrote, "This is Minjun. Firstly, I'm so sorry that I have to update you on something like this. My decision was immature. I know how big of a deal driving under the influence is, but with this mistake, I'm looking back on myself and deeply reflecting on my actions. To the fans who trust and love me as well as to my members, I sincerely apologize for causing disappointment."

Source: [Youtube] jypentertainment

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