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KNK Covered EXO`s [The Eve] at Their Recent Stage in Japan and It`s Definitely a Stage to Not Miss


| 19 Aug, 2018

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KNK danced to 'The Eve.' 

KNK had their Zepp Tour 'KNK 2018 KNOCK KNOCK SUMMER!!!' on August 16th in Tokyo and not only did they made the crowd wild with their own stages, the boys surprised with a special stage too. 

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The boys danced to EXO's 'The Eve' during their concert and it definitely took their fans by a pleasant surprised. Not only that, non-fans or EXOLs who saw this were looking over this stage well too. 


Image Source: In picture

Watch their stage in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] crest snow

Thumbnail Credit: FamouStarPSJ, KNK
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