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Kang Daniel is Crazy about This Character, Fan Gifted Him the Costume... He Could Not Stop Wearing It


/  9 Apr, 2018

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Kang Daniel surely loves this one gift he received from his fan.

On April 8th, Wanna One held a fansign Baekam Hall in Seoul. As usual, lucky fans who got the chance to meet the boys brought various presents for the boys, such as hair band, stickers, flowers, and more. Among all, this one fan seems to have picked the best gift for Daniel. She gifted him a costume of a character from game 'BATTLEGROUNDS.'

Image Source: Instiz

Receiving the present, Daniel seemed to like it much as she kept wearing it during the event. 

Image Source: MAKE ME MOVE

He even took selfies with the attire.

Image Source: Lovestruck

Once the event ended, Kang Daniel went home... Still with the helmet of the character!

Image Source: 온세상 강다니엘

It's sure that Daniel loves the gift much.

Source: [Youtube] everglow k

Thumbnail Credit: JELLY, Lovestruck

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