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Keyword `Goo Hara`s Adult Video` has Become a Top Search on Google


|  8 Oct, 2018

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Everyone is trying to find Goo Hara's sex tape on the search engine. 

After it has been confirmed that the private video indeed exists, Netizens are searching for Hara's sex video online. On October 7th, Google Korea revealed that the top search on October 4th was 'Goo Hara video,' recorded with over 200,000 searches. The 2nd most-searched term on Google on the same day was 'sexual intercourse.'

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On October 5th, Goo Hara ex-boyfriend's legal representative Kwak Junho revealed, "It's true that the videos exist," however, "Hara is the one who suggested filming and it has not been revealed." Just like what he said, up until now, the video has not been found anywhere on the web. However, people are getting even more curious and try to take a look at the video. 

Source: [Youtube] YTN NEWS

Thumbnail Credit: TVDaily, Instagram 'koohara__'

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