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Kim Woobin Reflects on His Life While Receiving His Cancer Treatment


| 10 Nov, 2017

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Kim Woobin uses his cancer recovery time to introspect on his life. 

The actor was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer back in May this year. He has started to receive treatment for the disease, and he is currently still in the process of recovering. In July, Kim Woobin completed the first phase of the treatment with a 10-kg weight loss.

It has been revealed that the actor is currently reflecting on his life. Kim Woobin is reported to write diary every day. One source revealed, "Kim Woobin is currently introspecting his life deeply. He writes the good things happened to him everyday. When there is nothing special, he thanks for being able eating three times a day." 


We hope for Kim Woobin's recovery soon.

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Source: [NAVER TVCast] 풍문으로 들었쇼

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