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Kim Woobin was Spotted in Public After a Very Long Time... Visiting Lee Jongsuk`s Cafe


| 13 Aug, 2018

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Kim Woobin was spotted visiting Lee Jongsuk's cafe. 

On August 12th, Kim Woobin's photo visiting Lee Jongsuk's cafe, 89 Mansion, which is located in Sinsa-dong, Seoul. The actor was spotted in an all-black outfit. Kim Woobin surprised Netizens with his long hair. According to fans who bumped into the actor at the cafe, Kim Woobin looked all healthy without any symptoms that he still suffers from the illness.

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Image Source: Instiz

Back in May 2017, the actor was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer. Kim Woobin stopped all of his activities in his upcoming movie 'Wiretap' after the diagnosis. Since then, the actor has never been spotted in public. 

Source: [Youtube] MBCNEWS

Thumbnail Credit: Dispatch, Instiz

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