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Kim Yoojung Confirmed Lead Role in Upcoming JTBC Drama, to Work with Song Jaerim


| 23 Jan, 2018

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Kim Yoojung has confirmed her upcoming drama!

The actress will take the lead role of upcoming JTBC's drama 'Clean With Passion for Now' (literal title), which is set to be aired starting this April. As for now, the male lead has not been confirmed, but Song Jaerim is currently in talks to join the drama.

The drama is based on a popular webtoon, which tells story of a wealthy man named Jang Sunkyul. Jang Sunkyul is all perfect, even with his good looks. Unfortunately, he suffers from severe mysophobia -- a pathological fear of contamination and germsillness. He then meets a carefree and messy girl named Gil Ohsol (Kim Yoojung's character), the two fall in love.

'Clean With Passion for Now' will be Kim Yoojung's first drama after two years. The actress expressed, "I agreed the offer as soon as I read the script. I found that the character is so unique. I want to portray the fresh and bright Ohsol's bright character."

Meanwhile, Song Jaerim's agency, SM C&C, revealed on January 22 that the actor is positively reviewing the offer.

Source: [Youtube] [ KBS 안테나 ]

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