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Kim Yoojung Transported Immediately to Hospital for Thyroid Surgery + to Likely Withdraw from Her Drama


| 26 Feb, 2018

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Actress Kim Yoojung is going to undergo surgery for her thyroid.

One representative said, "Kim Yoojung was diagnosed with needing thyroid surgery. She won't be able to promote for a few months, considering the surgery and the recovery period."

Kim Yoojung is currently cast in the drama 'First, Clean Passionately,' paired with actor Ahn Hyoseob. However, due to the diagnosis, it will be hard for her to continue participating in the drama. The source said, "We need to check Kim Yoojung's health condition. We're checking how much she needs for recovery."

Stay tuned for updates!

Source: [Youtube] FILAKOREA

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