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Kim Youngkwang Said He was Happy to Film with Park Boyoung, You Know You Ship the Right One


| 10 Aug, 2018

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Actor Kim Youngkwang and actress Park Boyoung have once again shown their adorable interaction in public. 

On August 7th, the two attended a press conference for their upcoming film 'On Your Wedding Day' at COEX's Megabox in Samseong, Seoul. During the event, the two talked more about the film and its filming process. Park Boyoung was asked if there is any funny episode happened during the filming due to her huge height difference with Kim Youngkwang. 

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Image Source: Youtube 'Vstar' Screenshot

To the question, Park Boyoung answered, "When we had to film a two-shot screen, he was considerate and he did the 'manner legs' for me. He might suffer from it. It's not hard for me because I just need to do like I always do." Hearing her, Kim Youngkwang smiled and said, "I was happy because I could do that for her." 

Their interaction quickly garners attention from Netizens and fans have been showering them with comments such as, "Kim Youngkwang and Park Boyoung are so adorable", "Seriously, how can a man with 187cm in height be this cute", "I really wish the movie can be a huge hit", and more. 

Meanwhile, 'On Your Wedding Day' will hit cinemas on August 22nd.  

Source: [Youtube] Vstar

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