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Koreans are Dying to See These 7 Celebrities Guest on [I Live Alone]


| 22 Jun, 2018

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Everyone is curious to know more about these 7 stars personal life. 

People are curious about how these 7 celebrities will look like when they have interest in others, about how they spend their spare times, about what they look like without any makeup, and more. Frankly speaking, everyone just wants to know about their private life. Recently, media outlet Insight has picked 7 celebrities who people want them to make an appearance on the show. Here they are.

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1. Gong Yoo

Image Source: Discovery

2. IU

Image Source: New Balance

3. Locco

Image Source: International bnt

4. Kim Hyesoo

Image Source: HIGH CUT

5. Kang Dongwon

Image Source: HIGH CUT

6. Son Yejin

Image Source: BESTI BELLI

7. Ryu Junyeol

Image Source: 1st Look

Meanwhile, you can see the teaser for the show's upcoming episode above.

Source: [Youtube] MBCentertainment

Thumbnail Credit: 1st Look, Discovery, Dispatch

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