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Koreans are Loving Park Bogum and Block B P.O`s Surprisingly-Great Chemistry in [Encounter]


|  8 Dec, 2018

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Park Bogum and P.O unexpectedly go well together. 

On the 4th episode of tvN's drama 'Encounter' which was aired on December 6th, P.O showed his ability to act along Park Bogum. P.O played as Park Bogum's younger brother who has a bright and adorable personality. Even though P.O does not a master in acting, his appearance in the drama has been receiving positive feedback from viewers inside and outside South Korea. 


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Image Source: NAVER TVCast '남자친구' Screenshot

In South Korea itself, the clip has managed to climb up to top 100 clips on 'NAVER TVCast,' one of Korea's biggest video platforms. A lot of people hope that P.O will appear more in the next episodes of the drama. Several of the fan comments read, "They were both born in 1993 but P.O looks younger thanks to his acting", "I hope P.O appears more in the future", "I love it when P.O lays his head on Park Bogum's shoulder", and more. 

Anyway, are you catching up with the drama, ladies and gentlemen?

Source: [NAVER TVCast] 남자친구

Thumbnail Credit: NAVER TVCast '남자친구' Screenshot

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