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Krystal Shared a Picture of Herself from 17 Years Ago and She Definitely Didn`t Change at All


| 25 Oct, 2018

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Krystal gifted fans with a picture she took 17 years ago. 

Krystal celebrates her birthday on October 24th, marking it her 24th birthday internationally and 25th in Korean age system this year. Greeting her fans on this special day of hers, Krystal uploaded a picture of herself when she was 7 taken on the exact day of her birthday in 2001. 

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In the picture itself, Krystal was seen sipping onto her drink while wearing a party hat. Fans could easily see the similar features Krystal has now and when she young and other than them getting mature after the years, the girl in the picture stayed the same.

Under the post was a comment by her sister, Jessica, who wrote "You guys sing, I will drink" as if that's what the Krystal in the picture seems to be thinking. 

Image Source: Instagram 'vousmevoyez'

Happy birthday to Krystal once again! 

Source: [Youtube] chungsik choi

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