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Krystal Showed Not Only Her Beautiful Visual but Her Heart Too Through a Recent Charity Event in Kunming


|  2 Jun, 2018

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Krystal visited Kunming for a charity event.

Krystal visited a school, 'Yongchang Primary School' on May 31st during her time in the city. She could be seen playing with the children and having plenty of other interactions with them too. 

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Along with the kids, Krystal stayed low on the ground as they spent some time drawing on T-shirt with drawings of their own and the f(x) members also prepared some gifts she brought of the kids. 

Image Source: CJ中国官方微博

Krystal is currently in the progress of filming for her upcoming drama 'Round. 

Source: [Youtube] Sofia Barros

Thumbnail Credit: BerryKry1994,  不要乱来啊啊啊啊

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