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Leader B.I Did His Aegyo for the First Time... It`s a Torture for the Other iKON Members


|  8 Feb, 2018

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Seeing B.I doing his aegyo is not an easy thing for the other iKON members. 

On the February 7th episode of 'Weekly Idol,' iKON came as the guest, to talk, perform, play games, and more. During the episode, leader B.I also tried aegyo for the first time. His fellow iKON members revealed they have never seen B.I do aegyo and the YG staff members on the set even did not miss the moment and record B.I trying his aegyo. 

Image Source: Youtube 'ALL THE K-POP' Screenshot

However, unlike the expectation, the members were all struggling to stay calm seeing their leader dancing to the popular 'Baby Shark' song, complete with his cute acts. Bobby even shouted, "I cannot see this!" 

Watch the video above to know more!

Source: [Youtube] ALL THE K-POP

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