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Lee Dongwook Revealed the Way He Checks Viewers` Reaction of the Production He Does in a Recent Interview


|  4 Nov, 2018

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Lee Dongwook talks more about his acting career in a recent interview. 

Lee Dongwook recently went to New York for a pictorial with magazine 'LEON Korea' for its magazine's November issue. The actor was being asked about his trip to New York after to have just finished his drama 'Life' not long ago and how he spends his time after finishing a production. 

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Going deeper into their interview, the actor was being asked "Are you the kind to check comments or viewers' reaction immediately?" and here's how he answered. 

Image Source: LEON KOREA

Lee Dongwook responded that "Even though I don't look into comments that much, I do check at least the overall reaction. There are times where I asked the promotion teams too. It's hard to not be affected by them. Afterall, I am a person who does public arts. That's because it's not something that I can do it just because I like it on my own(laughs)" 

Lee Dongwook has been confirmed to be acting alongside with his former co-star from 'Goblin,' Yoo Inna in an upcoming drama. 

Source: [Youtube] Hallyu Stars

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