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Lee Dongwook Thanked Gong Yoo for Sending Him Coffee Truck Along with the Adorable Message on It


| 11 Jul, 2018

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Gong Yoo and Lee Dongwook's close friendship still goes on.

On July 10th, Lee Dongwook took to his Instagram and posted photos of himself posing in front of a coffee truck sent by Gong Yoo to his drama 'LIFE' filming set. In the first photo, Lee Dongwook bows down to the truck, while in the second one he smiles brightly while making the V sign. He wrote, "That guy who seems to be cold but affectionate."

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On the banner set along the coffee truck, Gong Yoo wrote, "I did the coffee thing earlier. 1 vs. 0. What's important about previous life -- whether you were a grim reaper or a doctor." Gong Yoo referred to Lee Dongwook's role as a grim reaper in the famous drama 'Goblin,' in which he worked together with. The two have been receiving love from fans ever since, thanks to their chemistry in the drama.   

Source: [Youtube] 킴후추

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram 'leedongwook_official,' topstarnews 

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