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Lee Jongsuk Confirmed to Take Lead Role in a New Drama, Not to Receive Any Payment for It


| 12 Mar, 2018

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Lee Jongsuk has confirmed to take the lead role of SBS' upcoming mini-drama 'Hymn of Death,' and he has refused to receive any payment for it.

According to reports on March 12th, Lee Jongsuk is going to be the lead male in the upcoming mini-drama. This time, the actor will not receive any payment for his appearance in the drama; It is reported that Lee Jongsuk has agreed to voluntarily take the role as he is close to the producer of the drama, Park Soojin, who is also the mastermind of 'While You were Asleep.'

'Hymn of Death' is a remake of 1991's hit film with the same title. It is based on true story of Yun Simdeok, the first female soprano to achieve fame in Korea, and her lover, genius playwright Kim Woojin. No further details of the mini-drama released.

Are you looking forward to this, ladies and gentlemen?

Source: [Youtube] SBS Catch

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