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Lee Jongsuk Joined New Agency, Might Expand Career NOT Only in Acting


|  3 Apr, 2018

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Lee Jongsuk is going to become more than an actor with his new agency, YNK Entertainment.

The actor has now joined YNK Entertainment and starting from the very beginning, it seems like the agency will work hard for him. It was revealed that special project 'A-man' has been established for Lee Jongsuk. 'A-man' will be in charge of Lee Jongsuk's various activities both inside and outside South Korea.

Image Source: The Qoo

CEO of the agency, Kim Minsu, said, "Lee Jongsuk has been in his best position but there are no boundaries for him to show even better sides of him. We will work hard so that he will not be stuck in his current place but to always make him improves. We will make new visions together with Lee Jongsuk."

Source: [Youtube] SBS Catch

Thumbnail Credit: celebeau

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