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Lee Junki Recalled His Debut Days, Revealed the Actress He Would Like to Work with


| 18 Jul, 2018

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Lee Junki has recently done an interview about his acting career. 

On one interview with 'Section TV,' Lee Junki talked about his old days as a rookie actor. To recall his memories, the TV show played his audition video and Clazziquai's 'Sweety' music video where he starred as the model.

Lee Junki said, "I worked hard and tried to show my best in everything I did when I was a rookie." The actor was then asked about which actress he would like to work together with. Lee Junki answered, "I have been thinking for quite a long time that I want to work together with Ha Jiwon. When the opportunity comes, I think I can learn much."

Image Source: MBC

The actor was also asked about what kind of senior he is. Lee Junki said that he is not the scary type but rather, a senior who can be close with his junior easily. He said, "I think that I should be the connector between seniors and juniors. I will make harmony between the old one and the new one."

Source: [Youtube] 나무엑터스 NAMOOACTORS Official


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