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Lee Junki is Known for His Sculptured Body and It Stays That Way But Only Better in Recent Pictures of Him


|  8 Aug, 2018

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Lee Junki maybe 36 but his body says otherwise. 

The actor has always been known for his surreal visual at his age, literally known for being a 'Guy that pops out from a manga book.' However, Lee Junki may seem slim and sometimes a little too skinny on the outside but recent pictures of him proved that he still has the sufficient amount weight to keep those chocolate abs secured under his shirt.

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Taking a proof shot with the Taekwondo uniform gifted by his fans, the actor could be seen with no undershirt worn, revealing a whole set of neatly lined up abs. From his caption, the actor was having his vacation spent at a Taekwondo studio. 

Image Source: Instagram 'actor_jg' Screenshot 

Source: [Youtube] Joon Gi Lee

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