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Lee Sungkyung Released One New CF... It`s NOT Just any Other Commercials


|  1 Feb, 2018

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Lee Sungkyung hypnotizes everyone with her charms in this new commercial. 

The actress has released another commercial film for the cosmetic brand she endorses, 'Laneige.' However, unlike her usual soft and girly concepts, the new CF has garnered attention as she shows her bold and fierce images in the commercial. 

Image Source: Youtube '한국어 광고 HUB(KOREAN COMMERCIALS HUB) ★1' Screenshot

The model-actress turned into a chic rockstar, awakening the bad-girl side inside of her, promoting the brand's new product, Layering Cover Cushion & Concealing Base. While grooving to the beat, Lee Sungkyung flaunts her flawless skin covered with the makeup product in front of the camera.


Check out the new CF above!

Source: [Youtube] 한국어 광고 HUB(KOREAN COMMERCIALS HUB) ★1

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