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Literally 40 HD Photos of BLACKPINK`s Jennie with Her Braided Ponytail Which Define What `Girl Crush` Really Means


|  6 Dec, 2018

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Jennie looks just perfectly amazing with her braided ponytail. 

She looks way too amazing with the styling that she has made headlines in South Korea. The photo was taken from her performance at the '2018 Melon Music Awards' which took place on December 1st. For the night, Jennie dazzled with her braided ponytail -- plus she put grey hair extension, making her hair ombre (how amazing it sounds like?). The idol perfected the look with a glittery crop top and black daisy dukes. Okay, it seems like you don't need any further explanation for this so check out Jennie's amazing photos from the night below! 

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Image Source: As tagged, Facebook '아이돌 이슈'

Source: [Youtube] Spinel CAM

Thumbnail Credit: 제니츄, Dear My Queen

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