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Lotte Entertainment Used Inappropriate Words on Post about Lee Sungkyung... They Apologized Soon


| 11 Apr, 2018

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Lotte Entertainment has released an official statement to express their apology for making an inappropriate post of actress Lee Sung Kyung.

On April 9th, the company took to their Instagram to post photos from the upcoming film 'Wrestler.' However, the caption of the post has angered some fans as it reads, "[Exclusive] Leaked photos of 'A' wearing tight clothes at the gym." Many believe that the caption was indeed not appropriate, criticizing the company for making such a lame caption. 

In response, Lotte Entertainment released an official statement, saying:

"Hello. This is the person in charge of online marketing for 'Wrestler'.

We sincerely apologize for the discomfort caused by the wording of today's post. The caption wasn't meant with malicious intent. We just wanted to express Yoo Haejin's character in a funny way to emphasize he's a former wrestler, but we didn't give it much thought.

We apologized personally to those who left comments through personal messages. To those who haven't left comments, we apologize once again for making you feel uncomfortable. The caption was revised immediately, but it wasn't done to avoid responsibility or to act like it didn't happen.

We have changed the caption, so people won't feel uncomfortable while reading our post. In regards to this, we ask for your understanding.

We promise to be more careful with content we post in the future, and we thank you for speaking up on what we missed."

What do you think about this, ladies and gentlemen?

Source: [Youtube] 미디어로그영화 & [Instagram] lotteent.movie

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram '@lotteent.movie,' MBC

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