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MAMAMOO`s Hwasa Proved the Girl Crush She is Way Before Her Debut with an Old Photo of Her


/ 16 Jun, 2018

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Hwasa looks good in both long and short hair. 

Hwasa's past picture before her debut resurfaced the web and she could be seen in a cut boyish cut that is definitely something new to most. 

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For as long as we can remember, Hwasa has always kept her hair long throughout MAMAMOO's years since their debut. Therefore, it's really hard to imagine Hwasa with hair above her shoulders, not to mention a really short boy cut.

Image Source: Instiz

However, despite the unfamiliar hairstyle she had in this picture, Hwasa's vibe and charisma could actually be seen way before her debut. 

What do you think of Hwasa in short hair now?

Source: [Youtube] M2

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