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MONSTA X Described Each Other in Simple Terms while Hyungwon Gets Three Direct Hilarious Ones to Him


| 14 Sep, 2018

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Minhyuk gave Hyungwon three good ones indeed. 

In a 'V today' broadcast with MONSTA X, the boys sat down for an interview and answered a few interesting questions too. They answered questions that included when do they feel and not feel confident and was also asked to describe their members. 

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Everything was going smoothly with them complimenting each other for their personality and straits before it was Minhyuk's turn to give his words for Hyungwon. Minhyuk went, "First, it's lips! Second, it's butt! Third, it's pelvis!" At every mention of his feature, Hyungwon reacted to it by emphasizing them too. 

Image Source: Youtube 'KKVNJH - JooHeon Kukukaka' Screenshot

Watch the moment at the 4:48 mark in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] starshipTV

Thumbnail Credit: melting point

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