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MONSTA X Talked About Their Friendship with GOT7 and Being Asked for a Possible Tour Together


| 10 Aug, 2018

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MONSTA X was being asked about GOT7 on their program appearance with FOX 5's 'Good Day New York.'

MONSTA X guested on FOX 5 New York's morning program, 'Good Day New York' during their time in the city and they were the next group following GOT7 who was there just two weeks ago. Known to many, GOT7 and MONSTA X are, in fact, very close to each other. 

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MONSTA X was then asked on the show by the host that "I hear that you are friends with GOT7?" when the members when "Ya, we are so close." To that, the other host asked, "Would you ever do a tour together?" when I.M replied, "We wish but... If we have the opportunity..." Jooheon, who is known for being very close to GOT7's Jackson gave a more positive answer saying that "Maybe we can, maybe we can." 

Image Source: Youtube 'Fox5NY' Screenshot 

It would be so memorable for fans and especially, the members if that happens, right? 

Source: [Youtube] Fox5NY

Thumbnail Credit: Pink Boy, IM Yours
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