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MONSTA X`s Hyungwon Cracked His Members Up with a Particular Part of Their Relay Dance for [Dramarama]


| 16 Sep, 2018

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Hyungwon just stood still at his part.

MONSTA X had a dance relay on Mnet with their last release 'Dramarama' previously. The dance relay was supposed to have the members dance to the part of the song regardless of what part turns up at their turn. However, for Hyungwon, it's to dance to his part in the song regardlessly. 

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After Shownu's turn, it was Jooheon's rapping part that came on and Hyungwon was up next on the relay but he just stood still. His members were curious about what happens in front and started popping their heads sideways to see, only to see Hyungwon standing still for the whole time.

Image Source: Youtube 'Just a random girl' Screenshot

Indeed, he was not completely doing a mistake, it was really his part to stand still during that particular part. Watch the moment at the 0:14 mark in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] Just a random girl

Thumbnail Credit: melting point 

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