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Maknae of SHINee and EXO were Seen Together at Airport Departure for Berlin... We Just Love the Interaction We See


| 15 Sep, 2018

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Sehun and Taemin were seen together at their departure from Incheon airport. 

EXO and SHINee's Taemin were seen at Incheon International Airport on September 14th for the leave from the country to Berlin, Germany as performing artists at the upcoming Music Bank special in the country. 

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Taemin is going as his solo artist-self with his managers and fans are sure happy to see him being around fellow SM artists, needless to say. Taemin was seen beside Sehun before the EXO maknae leaned towards the older by the ear to tell him something. Taemin could also be seen rubbing Sehun's back at the same time.

Image Source: Youtube 'Anisa 사랑 kpop' Screenshot 

Image Source: prangii3

We are sure looking forward to more interaction between them, aren't we? Music Bank in Berlin is happening on September 15th, 7.30 P.M local time which is also September 16th, 2.30 A.M KST.

Source: [Youtube] Anisa 사랑 kpop

Thumbnail Credit: prangii3, candy mundy 

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