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Many were Amazed When the 1st Place Nominees from [The Show] That Wanna One Got Their 1st Win Got Released


| 12 Jun, 2018

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It was Wanna One vs Wanna One vs Wanna One. 

Wanna One has started the promotion for their latest comeback with 'Light,' and obtained their 1st win on MTV's 'The Show' on June 12th. 

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For every music show, the 1st place nominees will be announced at the early part of the show and on this day, the nominees line up was just amazing. With the Wanna One members releasing a track as a whole and as units, the nomination was up as Wanna One vs Wanna One's The Heal vs Wanna One's Triple Position. 

Image Source: Youtube '러블리윙크LOVELY WINK' Screenshot

In the end, Wanna One, as a whole won with a perfect score of 10000, obtaining their 1st win for this promotion. Congratulations! 

Source: [Youtube] YGlover Channel

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