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Momo Performed Live with TWICE, Fans Worried after Seeing at How Skinny She is in Real Life


| 14 Mar, 2018

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Momo has worried fans with her extremely tiny waist -- and protruding ribs. 

On March 10th, TWICE performed their hit songs, including 'TT,' 'Likey,' and 'Heart Shaker' while promoting the mobile game 'Sudden Attack.' While she looks all pretty with her new black bobbed-hair, a lot of fans have been concerned much seeing how skinny she really is. Wearing a cropped-tee, her abs was exposed and she is indeed skinny to the extent anyone can see her rib protruding.

Image Source: Youtube '모모의마블' Screenshot

Most of the fans think that the idol is way too skinny and have started to worry about her health. Several comments found on the web reads, "Seeing her ribs like this sometimes worries me even if its normal for skinny people to show their ribs when they stretch their backs," "Momo is too skinny, please be healthy," "I can see her rib cage, hope she'll gain some weight," and more.

What do you think about this, ladies and gentlemen?

Source: [Youtube] 모모의마블

Thumbnail Credit: rainmow

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