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Most of Fans Believe Wrong Things about Lee Minho`s Debut... Here`s the Truth


/ 15 May, 2018

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Many fans know false information about Lee Minho's debut.

You, too, might believe that Lee Minho started his acting career as Gu Junpyo in 'Boys Over Flowers.' In fact, it's not his first project. It's true that Lee Minho first gained widespread fame inside and outside Korea with his role as Gu Junpyo in the drama but he made his debut through 'Sharp' as an additional cast member. The drama was aired on KBS2 back in 2003. It took six years for him before receiving the spotlight from the public. 'Boys Over Flowers' is like the open door for him before his various hit projects, including 'Personal Taste,' 'City Hunter,'The Heirs,' 'Legend of the Blue Sea,' and more.

Image Source: Twitter '@WeAreMinoz'

'Sharp' focuses the story on Lee Okrim (played by Go Ara). Lee Okrim is a 15-year-old girl who likes imaging and has a bright personality. She is very frank about her feelings. She also knows that she is pretty and uses that. At home, she is the second child who is placed between an older sister who studies well and a twin younger brother. Okrim has a boyfriend Yoo Ahin who is studying painting in high school. Okrim also has a long time male friend named Jangwook. Between Yu Ahin and Jangwook she is not sure about her feelings.

So, don't you mistake Lee Minho's debut as Go Junpyo anymore, people!

Source: [Youtube] StarLeeMinho

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