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NCT 127 went on Stage Only to Realized [Cherry Bomb] was Played Faster Than Its Usual Speed and Here`s How the Members Reacted


| 10 Mar, 2018

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NCT 127 experienced an audio malfunction on a recent formal stage.

NCT 127 recently performed at the 'Korean Entertainment & Art Awards' that took place on February 25th. The boys took the stage before 'Cherry Bomb' came on. However, different from the usual, 'Cherry Bomb' was played a 1.5 times faster than its original speed. The boys could be seen carrying flustered expression while trying to catch a glimpse of their other members. 

Image Source: Youtube '퓨리' Screenshot

Image Source: Youtube '쿠잉' Screenshot 

Despite the unexpected situation, the boys carried on with their stage professionally. Watch the stage in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] Mera

Thumbnail Credit: Sunshine, Chamomile 

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