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NCT Dream Danced to NCT U and NCT 127`s Songs at Their Concert and It`s a Sight Every Fan Need to See


|  6 Oct, 2018

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Everyone needs to see how NCT Dream members can be tough and sexy as their hyungs.

NCT Dream had their 'NCT Dream Show' over a period of 3 days from September 28th to 30th at the SMTOWN Atrium theater. On this day, the Dream members not only performed their own songs which are endlessly bright and cute but also songs from other units that gave them a new appeal. 

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NCT Dream danced to NCT U's 'Boss' and 'The 7th Sense' as well as NCT 127's 'Touch' on this day as a medley and it's a mindblowing experiencing for them and their fans too.

Image Source: Youtube 'd'armyzen subs' Screenshot

Watch the moment in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] d'armyzen subs

Thumbnail Credit: double kill

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