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NCT`s Jaehyun Did a New Fashion Pictorial... You Know Why People Call Him King of Visual


|  6 Jul, 2018

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Nope. You cannot ask any better thing than NCT's Jaehyun recent fashion pictorial. 

The 21-year-old idol has recently worked together with fashion magazine 'L'Officiel Hommes Thailand.' Jaehyun got featured in the magazine's July issue, mentioned as 'NCT's Nicest Heartthrob.' Dressed in luxury brand Givenchy's black casual shirt, Jaehyun flaunts his charisma with a strong gaze straight to the camera. In other photos, Jaehyun also looks fashionable with oversized shirts, leather jacket, bomber jacket, long coat, and more. 

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Check out all Jaehyun's captivating photos with 'L'Officiel Hommes Thailand' below! 

Image Source: L'Officiel Hommes Thailand

Source: [Youtube] BANANA FISH

Thumbnail Credit: L'Officiel Hommes Thailand

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